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WhatsApp Plus 2024 Android – v12.20 – Latest Version AntiBAN

WhatsApp Plus, which was launched in 2015, is becoming an application used by more and more people every day. The application has become indispensable for many WhatsApp users with its advanced database and new existing features. So what is WhatsApp Plus? What are the additional features?

WhatsApp + is an application modified by the developers. This app is actually similar to the regular WhatsApp, but it is one of the versions that almost everyone chooses because it has many additional features. Thanks to the features in this version, you can make many wishes come true. You can take advantage of many features such as freeze last seen, disable blue tick and second tick and etc. There are many alternative MOD versions for WhatsApp. Unlike its alternatives, this mod version has no in-app ads. Unlike regular WhatsApp, you cannot download this version from the Play Store, but don’t worry, you can always download the latest version of the application for free from our site. The download link is at the bottom of the page.

Privacy Features:

  • Freeze Last Seen. Many users use this MOD version only for this feature. With WhatsApp Plus, you can freeze your last seen. When you pin your last seen, nobody can see you are online. Even if you are online, the other users only sees your last seem date.
  • Second ticks. Thanks to WhatsApp Plus, you can deactivate the second ticks seen on the opposite side after the message sent to you has been received. Thus, the person sending the message cannot understand that the message has reached you.
  • Blue ticks. Thanks to this feature, even if you read the message you received, the other users cannot notice it. When this feature is activated, even if you read the message you received, no blue ticks will appear on the other side.
  • Writing tick. With WP Plus, you can disable the “writing” mark that appears on the other side while you are writing a message. Don’t worry, you can see the other users while they are texting, even if they don’t see you.
  • Recording audio. While recording audio, you can hide the “recording audio” text that appears on the other side.
  • Blue Microphone. When you listen to an audio message, you can deactivate the blue microphone icon that appears on the other side. Even if you listen to the message, the other users will not be aware of it.
  • Status. When you enable this option for status (story), which is a new feature of WhatsApp, you can secretly view stories added by other users. The other users will not know that you are looking at their story.

Benefits of WhatsApp Plus:

  • Themes. With WhatsApp Plus, you can change the interface we are used to in the normal version. It is up to you to bring a lively look to WhatsApp with different themes. You can download any theme from the theme store or customize the design to your taste.
  • Chat Screen. You can change colors, sizes, shapes, notification icons and etc. on the chat screen.
  • Notifications. You can change the notification settings.
  • Widgets. You can customize widgets.
  • Media Modes. You can adjust the photo and video sending settings.
  • Always Online Mode. Even if you log out of WhatsApp when you activate this Mode, you will still seem online.
  • Anti-Revoke function. With this feature available in WhatsApp Plus, you can prevent the messages you receive from being deleted by the sender.
  • Log records. You can find out when your contacts shared status, when they changed their profile picture, when they were online from the log records.
  • Different Languages. You can use WhatsApp in different languages.

Download WhatsApp Plus 2 (com.wa2plus)

Download WhatsApp Plus 3 (com.wa3plus)

Based on: v2.22.23.77

Updated date: 13.05.2024



  • Option to mark as opened/seen for view once photos/videos is added
  • Option to mass message sender to send images/videos is added
  • Mass message sender (broadcast to many groups/chats) is added
  • Problem of view once photos/videos marking as opened/viewed randomly is fixed
  • Problem of contact name color not taking in status and calls screen is fixed
  • Problem of calls icon not showing in white themes is fixed
  • Problem of view once photos/videos not loading after mark as opened is fixed
  • An issue where the unread message counter was incorrectly positioned problem is fixed
  • Other changes and improvements

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